The teachers at Achieve call on you in class even when your hand is down – they challenge you to find the answer because they believe in you. Achieve Student

How do we measure success? Here’s how:

Achieve is data-driven and results have shown that our students are improving both academically as well as socioemotionally. At the beginning and end of each summer session at Achieve, students take the STAR Assessments in Math and Reading, offered by Renaissance Learning, which are nationally-normed, computer-adaptive standardized tests that gauge students’ academic performance and growth. Achieve also partners with Boston After School & Beyond (BASB) and they administer several qualitative and quantitative surveys to measure the social-emotional health and growth of our students.

According to scaled scores on the STAR Assessment:

  • Achieve students, on average, increase by 13 points on the math assessment and 53 points on the reading assessment. Moreover, students who receive targeted math instruction at Achieve showed the greatest gains demonstrating, on average, a 44-point scaled score improvement on the math test.
  • Achieve students make gains in math and reading every summer. Contrast this to the national trend, in which students lose math and reading skills during the summer months.

According to the Holistic Student Assessment:

  • 95% of students report an increased interest in learning and academic motivation.
  • 91% of students report improved communication with adults and peers