Executive Director Nora Dowley-Liebowitz manages all aspects of the Achieve program, including staff supervision, budgeting, and student recruitment. Nora started her career in education as a high school history teacher in Washington, D.C. area schools for three years. Her passion for education led her to enroll at the Harvard Graduate School of Education where she received a Master’s in Education with a specific interest in Risk and Prevention. While in graduate school she began her work in Boston Public Schools supporting under-resourced students at the Clarence R. Edwards Middle School in Charlestown. She has more recently served as an administrator at the Codman Academy Charter Public School in Dorchester, MA—first as their Dean of Enrichment and College Advisor, then as Dean of College and Alumni. Nora is professionally committed to provide the mentoring and support that underserved students need to achieve their academic and personal goals and to become successful lifelong learners.

Assistant Director Janim Sayles leads the comprehensive high school placement program and works with the director and graduate services coordinator to manage the summer and academic year programs, as well as student recruitment. Prior to joining Achieve, Janim was teaching and advising students and families of Edward Brooke Charter Schools throughout the high school application process. A first-generation college graduate, Janim received her Bachelor’s degree from Worcester State University, and received a Master of Educational Studies and Non-Profit Leadership from Wheelock College. Janim’s career has been focused on supporting students’ academic success and resiliency, and on helping under-resouced families in Boston gain access to meaningful opportunities in their community.

Graduate Services Coordinator Meghan Kelleher tracks and supports Achieve graduates through their first year of college by visiting students at their schools, collecting grade reports, remaining in consistent contact with students, and encouraging students to return to Achieve Saturday sessions. Meghan has worked at Achieve in the summers and on Saturdays for over four years, as a teaching assistant and program manager. Meghan double majored in English and Education and received her Bachelor’s degree from Boston College.

Data Specialist Eric Nguyen has been involved with Achieve since its founding in 2008, when he started working with the program as a master teacher in math and also spent time in the Assistant Director role.  Currently, as the Data Specialist, Eric works closely with Nora to develop and implement tracking systems that will measure the growth and progress of Achieve students both inside and outside the classroom.  Eric has worked at Nobles since 2006 as a math teacher and admissions interviewer. He has a B.A. in Psychology from Amherst College and a Master’s in Education Leadership from Teachers College, Columbia University.

Development Officer Cat Kershaw works in the Admission Office at Noble and Greenough School and also assists in the fundraising efforts for Achieve. Alongside Director Nora Dowley-Liebowitz, she helps to ensure that the funds are raised each year to support the program’s $380,000 annual operating budget. Cat also leads an enrichment class and book club with Achieve students during the summer and volunteers as a mentor in the high school placement process. Cat attended Trinity College where she played basketball for four years and graduated Phi Beta Kappa with a degree in Economics. She is currently pursuing her MBA through the UMass Amherst Isenberg School of Management.